Money – the best gift, especially if you do not know what to present. Financial organizations make this gift even more interesting. The article will tell you what gift cards are, how to use them, and what banks offer.

What is a gift card? This is an ordinary plastic carrier on which a fixed amount is paid in advance. As a rule, such cards cannot be replenished in the future, since a separate personal bank account is not opened for them.

It should be noted that the gift bank card is not personalized, that is, any person can use it. For registration is not required to provide any documents. Funds are deposited at registration, the nominal value is set in certain ranges or determined by the client (depending on bank conditions). Such plastic carrier has all standard payment details: number, expiration date, CVV / CVC code.

On it you can:

pay for any purchases in retail chains;
pay for services;
order something online;
pay in restaurants, etc.

With gift cards you can not:

send a money transfer to another account;
withdraw cash.
The validity period is determined by the terms of the financial organization where the card was issued. Additionally, participation in promotions and special offers from payment systems and partners of the bank may be provided.

About VISA gift card

A VISA gift card is a prepaid bank card issued by a VISA international payment system, which provides an opportunity to pay for purchases and services in stores in Russia, including on the Internet.The card does not contain personal data of the client, so it can be donated or transferred to another person.
Geography – network reception card VISA International and the Internet.
May be issued electronically.

How to use VISA gift card:

Gifts for employees for corporate events
Business gifts to partners
Employee Motivation and Encouragement
Motivation of shopping channels and end users


Quick gift card
Ease of payment for goods and services