Why do you need gift cards in network marketing?

Gift cards are a relatively new tool in network marketing, although almost all retail chain stores use it quite successfully.

The advantages of gift cards are obvious:

= With their help, you can present any product as a gift.
= Gift cards enhance your image. You are at the level of such giants as “L’Etoile”, “Ile de Beaute”, “M-Video”, “Eldorado” … Feel the height of the flight?
= After receiving the money, you can not give the goods! Surprisingly, it’s true! According to unofficial statistics, about 20% of gift cards are never presented to receive a gift!
= You will get new warm customers. When a gift card is bought from you, it will be presented to someone, and most likely to someone you personally do not know. But this stranger will turn to you for receiving his gift!
= Gift cards for a small amount can be excellent promotional and promotional materials!

In this case, gift cards are used for clients and not for consultants of your structure – with the help of these gift cards you are looking for new clients for selling catalog products to them.

I ordered gift cards for myself in a company producing such products. The price of the cards depends on the circulation. The most advantageous to order a circulation of 1000 pieces – it is cheaper, and you will have a good supply.

What must be indicated on the gift card?
= Name of the project or your company
= Card value
= Validity
= Terms of use of the card, conditions for receiving a gift or the website address for activation

Two businesswomen carrying a big white board, lots of copyspace

How to work with such gift cards so that they pay off and make a profit?

I now have 4 use cases in my work:

1) Actually, the sale of these cards as a gift, as they are used in all cosmetic stores, electronics stores and others who want to earn outlets. It is profitable to sell gift cards just below their face value.

2) Give a $ 20 card as a gift for a large purchase. For example, if I order for $ 100 – $ 200, the customer will receive a $ 20 gift card from me for use at the next purchase from me. So I will convert random buyers into regular ones.

3) Give a $ 20 card as a gift for attracting new customers to me: that is, bring a friend – get a gift from me.

4) Use a $ 20 card as an invitation to a master class in make-up, spa-care for your hands or face care.

In fact, this is just a great tool for finding new customers and converting them into permanent ones.

As you know, in business, not the smartest or the strongest wins, but the fastest. Arm with a new tool for working with clients – and win big!